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June 27th 2016

Chevy Brake Repair Guthrie

Chevy Brake Service

Repairing The Brakes on Your Chevy

Sometimes folks will hear noises when applying the brakes on their Chevy vehicle. This is an indicator to have your brakes looked at and serviced if needed. As an authorized Chevy dealer we can take a look at the brakes on your Chevy car, truck or suv and diagnose the problem. We will then provide you with the necessary information to make a decision on whether to fix or replace your brakes. Our team of professional Chevy certified service advisors will coordinate with the technicians to get your vehicle back up to speed.

Some quick questions we often hear:
Q. How will I know when I need knew brakes?
A. Today’s vehicles are equipped with wear indicators on the brakes. When the brake pads run low you will hear a high pitch squealing sound. When you hear this noise it is important to come have your brakes looked at by a Certified Chevy Technicians at Eskridge Chevrolet.

Q. Why does my brake pedal pulse?
A. This is cause by an varying thickness in the rotors of your car or truck. As the brake pads are applied to the rotors the uneven surface of the rotors, it creates a pulsing sensation in your brake pedal. This is a good indication to have your vehicle brought in to our service department and have us look at the rotors. Some times the rotors can be tuned, otherwise they can be replaced with authentic Chevy parts.

Q. How long will my brake pads last?
A. The amount of time will vary on one’s driving habits and conditions. In general brake pads are meant to last 40,000 o 60,000 miles on a vehicle. Of course how you drive will have an affect on this. Also if your driving in heavy stop and go city type of traffic vs cruising on a highway all day long will impact how long your brake pads last.

Remember, at Eskridge Chevrolet in Guthrie you’ll receive service, maintenance, & repair by the certified service experts with a smile. We just 20 minutes north from Edmond right up I35 and 30 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City. Your Oklahoma Chevy dealer and home to the oil changes and engines for life guarantee.

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Service Customer Reviews

- on Sunday February 5th 2017

Service department is friendly and informative about repairs needed.

5/5 stars

Guthrie, OK

- on Friday December 23rd 2016

Every time I need help, service or have questions, they are always so quick to respond and help. I always feel well taken care of and in good hands when I am there. Nothing is overlooked and they go out their way to make sure my needs are met and I am never without, They are the best and I don't know what I would do without these guys.

5/5 stars

Guthrie, OK

- on Wednesday October 12th 2016

Eskridge Chevrolet's service dept is outstanding! The service advisers, managers, promptness of car being worked on, etc. If something happens to be wrong, they will inform me and let me make a decision before doing the work. Some dealerships just do the work and then charge you without consulting you first. Eskridge goes above and beyond and I will continue to bring my car here. It's worth the drive all the way from downtown OKC!

5/5 stars

Oklahoma City, OK

- on Monday September 26th 2016

Very good service!!

5/5 stars
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